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Meet the Unit.


A group of young passionate designers. The co-founders are University of Malaya's graduates of its School of Architecture.


It all began with small talks over coffee and past times. Having our own establishment was that one dream the three of us always talked about. As students with no exposure in the white-collar-architecture scene, we later started to participate in a few architectural projects that gave us a brief idea on our path.

We believed that learning through hands-on experience is a vital way to successfully understand what architecture really means and how to build our brand in the industry, and we still do.

In 2014 - fresh out of school , we have decided to form Kerinthing Design Unit based on the experiences we gained during our studies and practices. We began to work on small projects  during the early years and along the way, we figured out that rigid commitment would paved us to bigger-scale projects.

Now, Kerinthing Design Unit's achievements are beyond what we have expected and we aim to grow the company into a well-known , established powerhouse by providing explorative fresh architectural ideas.

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