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Meet the Unit.


A dynamic team of young and passionate designers, Kerinthing Design Unit was founded by two co-founders who graduated from School of Architecture at the University of Malaya.

Their journey began with casual conversations over coffee and a shared dream of establishing their own firm. As students without much exposure to the white-collar architecture scene, they gained valuable experience through participation in various architectural projects. They quickly realized that hands-on experience was crucial to understanding the true essence of architecture and building their brand in the industry.

Fresh out of school in 2014, they formed Kerinthing Design Unit based on the knowledge they had acquired during their studies and practices. Initially, they worked on small projects, but their unwavering commitment and dedication led them to bigger-scale projects.

Today, Kerinthing Design Unit has achieved more than they ever imagined, and they strive to become a leading and well-established powerhouse in the industry by providing innovative and creative architectural solutions

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